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DocFinder Fact Sheet

AIM DocFinder - Docboard.org

The only online physician directory of its kind when it was launched in 1996 at the time of the Internet's infancy, the AIM DocFinder is still recognized for its easy to use search engine. It remains one of the only combined public online physician database in the nation that has its direct source of data from state government licensing boards and that also remains free of charge to the public.

DocFinder contains the licensing background and disciplinary information of physicians and other health care practitioners with much more detailed Medical Malpractice, Hospital Discipline and Criminal Conviction information from Physician Profile Law states such as Massachusetts.

AIM DocFinder in the News

Very popular with consumers, the AIM DocFinder has been featured in numerous state and national publications such as Newsweek Magazine as well as national and local news broadcasts. DocFinder was featured in a boxed section of an article in The Wall Street Journal on July 18, 2002 and was featured as a resource in the June 2005 Reader’s Digest.

In addition, the AIM DocFinder was featured in the December 2007 issue of Ladies' Home Journal in an article by Janis Graham entitled: Give Your Doctor a Checkup - Whether you got your doctor's name from a friend, another doctor, or your insurance company's approved provider list, it makes sense to do research before you sign up.


  • In addition to name searches on the DocFinder, AIM offers searches by license number, city and town.
  • A feature called the "pop-up disciplinary summary" makes it easier for consumers to quickly learn about a disciplinary action with a click of a button.
  • Another service offered by AIM in addition to DocFinder is the set-up of an online system for Board Disciplinary Orders and Decisions so that the public can access those more efficiently.

No Cost

State Medical Boards can participate in DocFinder at no charge - as of the April 28, 2004 AIM Annual Business Meeting - and that continues to be the policy in 2008.

Reasons for Joining the AIM DocFinder

Have you ever gone into another state's main website and tried to locate the licensee look-up website for their medical or osteopathic board, especially when you aren't sure of the official name of the umbrella organization? Working your way through the myriad of sites trying to locate exactly the one that will allow you to search for physician information can be daunting and very time consuming. As difficult as it is for us to navigate our way through another state's site trying to locate their physician license information, imagine how difficult it is for a member of the public who is unfamiliar with all the different board names, umbrella agencies, and terminology.

The beauty of AIM DocFinder is it is simple, CENTRALIZED, easy to use, and saves time and money.

Participation in DocFinder does NOT require you to give up your current web site - you can continue to run your current web site just as it is now. This gives you an additional site to be listed with other state boards.

Making your license data available to the public on this one, easy-to-use site, is a win-win situation for everyone. The public benefits from the simple, accurate availability of the information delivered in a straight-forward manner. The Boards benefit from getting their data out there and seen by the public, and Board staff benefit from the savings in resources. For the time saved in all those telephone calls you no longer have to handle, you can direct your staff's energy to other more productive work.

Consider adding your licensing data to the other states currently listed on the AIM DocFinder site. The DocFinder webmaster can work with your system to get your data loaded fast and in the format you want.

AIM DocFinder - "Recruiting Data States"

No charge to participate as a data state on the AIM DocFinder

Many boards are data states on the AIM DocFinder. We would like to thank the states participating as data states via providing an electronic upload of their physician license data to the AIM server.

This means their data resides on the AIM site. Other states have only web links to the AIM DocFinder. We are recruiting all web link states to convert to data states. How much does it cost, you ask? It is FREE and will make the AIM DocFinder site truly a nationwide doctor search (MD & DO). It doesn't interfere with your own website or database. Contact FirstPoint Management Resources (contact information below) and get on-board. It's easy and FREE. Put your physician database to a good use!

If your Board is not a data state on the AIM DocFinder, WE WANT YOU! Consider joining today! Thanks!

If you are interested in participating as a data state on the AIM DocFinder, please email us




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