2021 CMBI Training Event

2021 CMBI Training Event
2021 CMBI training will be held virtual. After your registration here, you will be emailed the login details for the training.

2021 CMBI Training AGENDA

*all times are East Coast Standard Time


Wednesday, October 27

1pm – 2:30pm                      Social Media and Open Source information gathering    

Joe Lopez, Digital Forensics Unit Manager, Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation


2:30 –  4pm                       State v. Gideon:  The 5th Amendment and Medical Board Investigations

                                             James Roach, Attorney, State Medical Board of Ohio

Joint Medical Board and Law Enforcement Investigations

Chris Forshey, Investigations Supervisor, State Medical Board of Ohio


Thursday, October 28

12pm – 4pm                     Trauma Informed Investigations:  Trauma-informed interviewing and Empathy-Based Interviewing

                                             Nancy Oglesby and Mike Milnor, Justice 3D


Friday, October 29

1pm – 2pm                        Common Behaviors Seen In Addicted Professionals And Common Mental Health Conditions That May Affect Physician Performance
Joe Jordan, Chief Executive Officer, North Carolina Physicians Health Program


2pm – 3pm                        Understanding Drug Tests: What Drug Tests Tell You and What They Don’t
Joseph Jones, PhD, NRCC-TC, Chief Operating Officer, United States Drug Testing Laboratories


3pm – 4pm                        COVID-19 Investigations:  What is misinformation and when is it misconduct

Patrick Balestrieri, Senior Medical Board Attorney, North Carolina Medical Board
10/27/2021 - 10/29/2021

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