About AIM

Administrators in Medicine (AIM), a not-for-profit organization, is the national organization for state medical and osteopathic board executives. Founded in 1984, the mission of AIM is to assist and support administrators for medical licensing and regulatory authorities to achieve administrative excellence and ultimately advance public safety. Services offered include educational, research and online services for its members. AIM’s public outreach is via the online search engine it provides along with board web links on its nationally recognized AIM DocFinder website.

Education is the cornerstone of what AIM does as an organization for member board executives. AIM sponsors a number of educational seminars including AIM Regional Meetings where board executives discuss operational issues. Its AIM Institute Educational Workshops – Physician Licensing, Profiles and Technology – provide an excellent overview of best practices and how to avoid the pitfalls - presented by an expert faculty of board senior staff and experts from the credentialing and technology fields. Its Annual Meeting educational program provides an opportunity to hear from national experts from a variety of fields impacting medical licensure and discipline.